A Danish term that defies translation. But now, a feeling, in its conceptual - physical - entirety. A word that contains a multitude of meanings. Lyst means "to feel like". It is synonymous with lust, desire and aspiration. Lyst is lost in translation.

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Local gastronomy
at the heart of Fjordenhus

Fjordenhus, and aims to create one magical, inclusive and sustainable dining experience.

Our philosophy at LYST is about local raw materials, the ever changing nature and the overall artwork of Fjordenhus, and aims to create one magical, inclusive and sustainable dining experience.

LYST is deeply rooted in the local area. Our goal is to attract guests from all over the world and give them an unforgettable, sense-activating, gastronomic experience. We mark ourselves as a responsible restaurant, which means that all dishes are based on local ingredients and sustainable production principles.

To achieve this we strive to source everything we serve from within a 100 mile radius and utilise everything to the fullest. Without being dogmatic, this is one of our efforts to create a more sustainable restaurant.

”When you eat at LYST, the fjord flows through you – through the fish that swam there, the produce from local farms, through the game and foraged herbs and mushrooms from the forests, and through the very design of each element of the restaurant. LYST grew from the convergence of food, architecture, interior, utensils, and people.”

Olafur Eliasson

About Lyst

LYST is situated in the iconic building Fjordenhus in Vejle. Each day the restaurant creates a unique menu that reflects the weather, time, season, and cultivation. The unique LYST experience will consist of twenty locally sourced servings defined by the four elements earth, air, fire, and water. Lyst was founded by the now deceased Morten Kirk Johansen (1973-2021). Today it is owned by his two children.



Fjordenhus, designed by Olafur Eliasson and Sebastian Behmann with Studio Olafur Eliasson, was commissioned by KIRK KAPITAL and inaugurated in 2018. Rising out of the water, Fjordenhus has forged a new connection between Vejle Fjord and the city centre of Vejle.

Accessible by footbridge, the twenty-eight-metre-high building is formed by four inter-secting cylinders with brick facades from which ellipsoidal negative spaces were removed to create complex curved forms and arched windows.

Read more about Fjordenhus here



The ambitions for LYST are high. The meal is central, but it is not alone. It is accompanied, challenged, and inspired by the setting, the service, the lighting, the view, the atmosphere and not least the custom composed soundscape that accompanies an evening at LYST. Elements are not random, but the experience is not manically controlled either.

You can of course visit LYST just to have a meal. But first and foremost, you are invited to sense, move, and indulge in a condensed space where gastronomy, the arts, and a human presence merge into one symphonic event over a short number of hours. That might sound pompous. Nevertheless, it is the ambition for the guest experience at LYST.

The Sail Room - where your dining experience continues. A cosy and relaxed atmosphere with a view of the Vejlefjord bridge.⁠
We’re back from holidays 🫶🏼

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